Special Crash Investigations (Current)

Search by Case Number or ID or DOT HS Number

Use this option if you already know Case ID or Case Number (sometimes also called Case String) or DOT HS Number.
consists of two letters and 5 numbers, like AB12345.
is a number with 4 to 8 digits, like 1234 or 12345678.
is a number with 6 digits, like 123456.

Search By SCI Case Type and Case Year

Use this option to search by and/or . You can specify more than one value in SCI Case Type and more than one value for Case Year.


Search By Filters

Please select this option to query on basic variables that belongs to Crash, Person and/or Vehicle.
Basic set of 30-40 variables is available and case will have to satisfy ALL the criterias to be included in search results.