NHTSA is authorized by Congress (Volume 489, United States Code Chapter 301 Motor Vehicle Safety, Section 30166, 30168 and Volume 23 , Section 403) to collect information on motor vehicle crashes to aid in the development, implementation and evaluation of motor vehicle and highway safety countermeasures. The law requires the agency to protect the privacy of individuals involved in crashes investigated. Agency procedure for release, accuracy and security of research data collected under the crash data programs prohibit the dissemination of any information collected, assembled, derived or computed until all conditions of data gathering and reporting, case completeness, quality control and privacy have been completed. The cases available through the online web query system have met these conditions.


Investigation-Based Studies use Police Acident Reports (PAR) as the basis for the majority of qualifying cases. These cases include follow up research, collection and assessment of Driver/Occupant data, Vehicle Interior/Exterior inspection data, Safety Systems data, Scene Data and Medical Record data.

Crash Injury Research Engineering Network 
CIREN Crash Viewer (Current)
CIREN Crash Viewer (2004 - 2015)

Crash Investigation Sampling System 
CISS Crash Viewer (Current)
NASS CDS Viewer (2004 - 2015)
Download NASS CDS Images (1997 - 2003)

Large Truck Crash Causation Study
LTCCS Crash Viewer (2001 - 2003)

National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Study
NMVCCS Crash Viewer (2005 - 2007)

Special Crash Investigations 
SCI Crash Viewer (Current)
SCI Crash Viewer (2004 - 2015)
Download SCI Technical Report/Images (1991 - 2003)

* The viewer contains specific cases conducted prior to 2016 but not published officially prior to 2016.


Records-based Studies use Police Accident Reports (PAR) as the basis for all qualifying cases. These cases can include additional documentation such as medical records. Cases are coded solely from information obtained via the crash documents.

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System 
How to Access FARS Data
FARS Encyclopedia
FARS Application Programming Interface (API)

State Specific Data
State Traffic Safety Information (STSI)

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